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Our guest today is Jeremy Ginsburg. Jeremy is the author of the upcoming book, “Fuck Being Famous”, where he documents his journey to fame in, of all places, Vietnam. He’s starred in a Vietnamese reality TV show where he spent 25 days straight without speaking English, and he’s performed comedy and music all over the country. His dream was always to get famous – but he quickly discovered it wasn’t the answer to all his problems. It’s an interesting lesson in the emptiness of seeking validation, which is what we focus on in the episode.

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  • How Jeremy went from one of his lowest points to becoming Vietnam famous within 2 years
  • Why Jeremy chose to move to Vietnam
  • What it’s like to be famous
  • Why he no longer “gives a fuck” about being famous
  • A few hilarious stories from Jeremy’s reality show
  • Behind the scenes of reality-tv life
  • Jeremy’s deeper motivation for wanting fame
  • The importance of enjoying the process versus the end result
  • How to become internally validated

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“What you focus on becomes real to you.”

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