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Our guest today is Aleksander Vitkin. Alex is the founder of Daily Business Hustle, where he helps people create online businesses. He’s helped several hundred people to build a business, and the number is growing quickly. Some have gone on to reach 6 and 7 figures in their business. (And he has a goal to create 100 millionaires!) 

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  • How “burning his boats” and moving to Barcelona changed everything for Aleksander
  • The importance of making a commitment to yourself (and how to do it right)
  • How to learn a skill fast, make money, and start traveling in weeks instead of years
  • The biggest key that helped Aleksander grow his business to six figures
  • How to navigate through freelance sites and find profitable work
  • The most profitable industries to sell to right now
  • How to get past the gatekeeper when cold calling
  • Aleksander’s proven strategy for succeeding on cold calls

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“Be picky about who you spend your time with, because wasted time is wasted money.”

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